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Fascinated By Different Countries And Cultures

Paul is a Scottish travel blogger with a passion for photography and food, through this site he shares his experiences and offers a helping hand to others.

Always Searching For The Shot

As well as his passion for travel he also enjoys photography and trying new cuisine. Throughout his travels he has recorded many of these places using his trusty camera, many of the photos can be seen on this site.

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In A Little Bit More Detail…

When not at home in Scotland working he’s off travelling, in 2005 he spent a year in Australia and then New Zealand for 2 years from 2008. More recenty he spent much of 2013 living in Japan. He’s completely caught the travel bug and is always planning his next adventure.

Paul enjoys the challenge of visiting coutries that are culturally very different from his home in the UK, recently he travelled to Japan overland from the UK via countries such as China, Mongolia, Russia and Ukraine. He very much enjoys the journey as much as arriving at the final destination and so chooses to travel via many methods as well as flying.

During his time travelling he has spent countless hours on planes but felt that part of the experience was missing. One of his favourite forms of travel is by train and has been on some amazing railway journeys such as the Trans-Monglian a variant of the famous Trans-Siberian as well as many others home and abroad.